What Should My Family Wear For Our Session? Three Tips to Timeless Portraits

July 31, 2018

Personal style is about having a sense of yourself and what you believe in every day. ~ Ralph Lauren


One of the most frequently asked questions at every type of session I offer is "how should we dress for our session?"A family portrait session may be an annual tradition or a special event that occurs every 5-10 years. Either way, it's important to coordinate your family's attire ahead of time so that your portraits will be authentic, beautifully put-together, and polished.


I provide personalized advice for each family to help them plan their fashion selections based on the location, family style, time of year, personal taste, and how they'd like to use their portraits (wall art, prints, albums, Christmas cards, etc.).


Here are some of my favorite tips for having a beautiful and well-coordinated look for your family portraits:


1. Dress yourself first, then coordinate your family's outfits.


Moms, always wear clothes that make YOU feel beautiful and that highlight your favorite features. At every family portrait session, we will take individual portraits of each family member -- for many women, it's the first time they've had their portraits taken in years.




What colors and styles are you drawn to? What do you feel best in? If fitness is a big part of your lifestyle and you love your beautifully toned arms, show them off with a sleeveless dress! Plan your outfit, then add coordinating pieces for the family. Need some inspiration for dressing to flatter your body? Check out Stitch Fix's The Guide: Dressing For Your Body Shape: https://blog.stitchfix.com/fashion-tips/find-fit-for-your-body-type/


It's a great time to have your hair and makeup done, if you'd like a day of pampering!


2. Select a theme with one or two key colors and an accent color.


While I don't believe that everyone needs to wear the same outfit or color, having a similar color palette and aesthetic creates a balanced, beautiful portrait.


Choose a theme where everyone is wearing a similar style, with one or two family members wearing additional bursts of color (complimentary colors work well) for a balanced aesthetic. White or cream are gorgeous accent colors.



For color choices, get inspiration from the seasons -- for Fall, rich earth tones -- plums, greens, browns, oranges, work beautifully. For Summer -- vibrant jewel tones in blue or navy, aqua, red, magenta, etc. look gorgeous against the rich greenery of the summer. For Spring -- soft peaches, pinks, blues, white, yellow, teal, are all fresh choices. For Holiday portraits, reds, green, blues, black and white with grey make beautiful winter portrait color choices.


Choose color tones that you love and that are flattering for the family.  Also, if you're planning a wall portrait, you'll want to plan based on the style and colors in your home.



3. Keep it simple.


With a unifying theme, coordinating color palettes, and attention to detail (especially with accessories and shoes), your images can have a timeless quality that lasts far beyond today's trends.


Patterns, if well-coordinated, can add interest -- they don't need to be avoided. However, especially for large families, you'll want to avoid having too many different patterns or themes, as this can be distracting. You'll also want to avoid large graphic logos, as these, too can be distracting.





The real secret to my sessions is helping your family to connect so that you are all relaxed, engaged, and having a meaningful and fun time together -- but having beautifully chosen and well-coordinated outfits will elevate your photos to timeless keepsakes.


Annie Dash Photography is located in Sellersburg, Indiana and specializes in natural light portraits of families and children. If you'd like session availability and pricing information for a Signature Family Session, please get in touch. I would love to work with you!


Phone: (502) 208-8756

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AnnieDashPhotography

Email: annie@anniedashphotography.com


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What Should My Family Wear For Our Session? Three Tips to Timeless Portraits

July 31, 2018

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