Gorgeous Family in Greenway Park

October 6, 2016

"You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them."

~ Desmond Tutu

The weather was remarkably warm on the bright October day that I photographed the gorgeous "K" family at Greenway Park in Charlestown, Indiana -- but they did not let the heat get in the way of having a lot of fun together and a fantastic photo session! The family's ultra-loving and fun-filled dynamic captivated me; with deeply caring parents and three energetic, athletic boys, I was so honored to be there and capture our time together.


We started with a relaxed stroll  through the park as we got to know each other. This also documents what the atmosphere was like at the park that day.

 Next we, stopped for a few formal family portraits in the park gazebo -- the style of course, is natural and connected, with lots of gorgeous reflected light. They all have such beautiful smiles, no?

After a few formals, the family had some fun and moved into more candid shots.

 I love to focus some of the session time on the parents, give them some time to connect and share a heartfelt moment, laugh, and have fun -- just be themselves together. I think these are such important moments to capture for themselves and their children. Aren't they simply gorgeous?

Meanwhile, the boys were relaxing and having fun in the gazebo...

Next, we took some time out for each parent to spend with each child; I love asking questions to each of them and giving them opportunities for connection and quality time. It's easy to get caught up in the hustle of today's busy world -- I think it's so important to take every opportunity that we can to share our love with our families. It is so special for me to witness these moments and record them for parents and their children.

Next, we headed up to a tree-lined meadow, where the family enjoyed some play time with football. Photographing family members enjoying activities that are authentic to them is vitally important to the experience that I offer.

The boys had some more quality time together as a family and with each parent, and the parents also shared a special moment.

We took both formal and candid portraits of the boys to capture the various aspects of their personalities. The formal portraits were enlarged as stunning wall art prints.

We ended the session with a lot of fun quality time for the boys to play together and capture formal and candid shots of their relationship with each other.  I also captured their lovely mom enjoying the antics of her lively children.

Overall, it was a fantastic session! We had a lot of fun and created a mix of beautiful formal portraits and timeless candids, which then were made into stunning wall art and printed works.


Does this look like your kind of photo session? Please get in touch with me for an activity-filled session with lots of opportunities for heartfelt connection!


Annie Dash Photography is proud to serve Southern Indiana and Greater Louisville with heartfelt, organic fine art portraits of babies, children, and their families.


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