What kind of photos will be taken during my session?

September 18, 2016

Good morning, friends! Let's take a quick stroll down memory lane...


I remember when I was a child, we frequently went to portrait studios have our photos taken because my mom loves photography. I remember that sometimes, it was a little stressful to be posed, especially if one of my younger siblings was acting up and it took longer than expected. Of course, we had wonderful experiences with studio photographers, too.


My mom once hired an incredible children's lifestyle photographer who just let us be who are -- it was an amazing session and those stunning photos really shaped my vision as a photographer. Here is one of those photos:

It was only a few years later that I started to pursue photography seriously and grew my skills taking portraits of my younger siblings. And I found that, like the wonderful lifestyle photographer that so beautifully photographed my siblings and me, my favorite approach to photography was all about capturing the essence of who people really are.


I believe that photo sessions should be wonderful experiences that not only make beautiful photos but that encourage heartfelt quality time, allow families to be themselves and enjoy activities that are true to who they are.


So what kind of images do I take at my clients' sessions?


1. Family portraits: children grow so quickly and it's so nice have that beautiful family photo to mark the passing years. My specialty is candid photography, so even the guided portraits are pretty natural. I believe that authenticity is so beautiful.

While I do take a few family photos in a couple different locations, most of the session focuses on smaller group interactions and activities for the family to do together.


2. Parent-child portraits: I believe that the love a parent has for their child is an incredible expression of God's love for us, and it's so important that we have honest photographs to give our children to tell them "this is how much I love you." It is such an honor for me to provide this service to other parents.

 3. Photos of the family doing activities: sessions are an hour long because I love getting to know families and providing opportunities for them to enjoy time together. These photos are mostly candid in nature; I may make suggestions about activities to do if needed, but families almost always welcome the opportunity to play without direction.

4. Portraits of parents together: I love seeing married couples interact and have fun together!! I like to ask heartfelt questions that give them the opportunity to express their feelings for the other.

5. Sibling portraits: it's such a joy to have photos of the children together! I do offer direction and guidance for posing to get the best composition, but these photos will be more candid in style and will not be the type of photos you'd get in a studio. I am always respectful of children and allow them space to be themselves. This allows me to capture authentic photos and everyone to have a great time.

6.  Individual portraits: these are some of my favorite types of photos to take. I love to ask questions, interact with people, or sometimes simply observe the beauty around me to capture authentic portraits.

If you're interested in booking a lifestyle family session that's lot of fun, meaningful, authentic, and expresses how much your family loves each other, please get in touch! I would be happy to guide you through the whole process!


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