Around the Town: Louisville Zoo - tips for photographing your family's experience

April 6, 2016

For Christmas, our family was gifted with a dual membership to the Louisville Zoo and Kentucky Science Center and we have had so much fun visiting both places this year.


The Zoo, in particular, is a family favorite, and one of the most delightful things for me as a parent is to watch my children's facial expressions as they see the animals and participate in the Zoo's activities. I especially appreciate that every visit is unique, as many of the animals are active during different times of the day and seasons of the year.


If you have a visit to the Louisville Zoo (or any zoo, for that matter) planned this spring, here are a few suggestions for ways that you can document your family's experience:


1. Photograph your family watching the animals or exhibits. Be sure to capture their reactions. Try to frame them in the shot, and get a shot of the animal alone as well.



2. Sibling relationships are so special! Get a few shots of your children enjoying their time to together.



3. Photograph your spouse and children. My husband has so much fun our boys! I LOVE to photograph their expressions when they're playing together. These are such important memories to document for our family archives.



I also love to include the atmosphere and sequence the photos to tell a story.




3. The Zoo has some beautiful scenery and is an ideal place for a lovely portrait. I especially recommend shaded areas if the sunlight is harsh.


I prefer natural expressions to posed smiles, so I waited for my son's face to relax and grabbed these shots.



Then I waited for him to start having fun so I could record his silly side!



4. During your zoo adventure, make sure to head over to the playground and photograph your children at play.




5. Have fun playing among the statues and other zoo scenery :-)


Most of all, enjoy your time as a family! Remember to put your camera or phone down and have fun!


I'd love to hear from you -- what's your favorite type of photo to capture at your local Zoo? Please leave a comment below!


Recommended Resource: For more tips on photographing your family in public, check out Click It Up a Notch:


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